FS: Sony MDR-EX500LP 2 days old $70 Shipped Priority Mail
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Jan 9, 2007
Well I ordered these on the 26th and received them yesterday and after trying them out for 2 days I find them to be too uncomfortable to keep. Definitely a shame because these do sound very good. Everything is included which is the headphones of course, a carrying case, this thing to wrap the cord around, and 2 other sets of small and medium silicon tips which I didn't photograph but are in the box.

As you can see from the attached picture I can actually return them to Amazon since I'm well within the return window but I ordered them and simply didn't like them so I think I should take the hit. Besides that, you get flagged each time you make a return.

Anyways, I'm asking for $70 shipped by priority mail. I'll ship same or next day I receive payment and I take payment through Paypal.

If you happen to be near the city of Cerritos in California we can do this in person too.


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