FS: Sony DR-6A Vintage headphones
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Jan 24, 2005
Hello Head-fi and happy thanksgiving

For sale is a set of Sony DR-6 headphones. These are quite old and show some signs of age but work perfectly and sound pretty nice considering their age. Their value to someone who simply wants the oldest and most obscure headphone should be obvious.

Obvious flaws:
BOTH earpads are cracked and very stiff.
There are scratches on the large silver caps on the cans.
The plug has done the old in out as many times as you would expect a headphone this old to have done... it is well worn.

some pictures:



See the scratches on the aluminum cap above.

For this specimen of nostalgia I would like $50+Shipping. due to the rare nature of these headphones I *WILL* take better pictures (moar detail!) and ship internationally at the request of respected members.

They are 8-ohms, and sound close to my memory of the Beyer DT-48 with a slightly dry sound, and slightly recessed mids on the wrong recordings. These are my least-used headphones, and Im thinning the herd.
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Jan 24, 2005
Has head-fi sunk to the point where nobody will risk even $30 to hear something that has not been formally reviewed? Perhaps I should have a friend bump a shill review, except nobody has actually written a word about these that I can find. Its truly a sad state when this happens. Allow me a moment for a head-fi style review.

Sony DR-6A headphones.
The Silver Ghost DIY OTL amplifier.
Berhinger DEQ2496 as DAC, and SRC2496 upsampling MP3 to 24/88.8 SE outs are taken from the DEQ.

The first song will be "Hey You" on the album "The Wall" by Pinkfloyd.

The song starts out with some nicely textured bass, I like it. The soundsatage is quite coherent with good image placement and sound localization. The singer sounds well placed. The guitars have good individual string click/twangs. nice stuff. The Cymbals are a hair far back there, but are clearly definable. Maybe its the recording except this is a head-fi review so I wont compare them to anything else.

Next on deck is the song "green eyes" on the album "a rush of blood to the head" by coldplay.
Dosnt start out so hot. The vocals sound flat out cheep. I would say that they are using a vintage mic, or perhaps some odd processing. The guitar has clear detailed pings and twangs, but there are a couple spots early in the song where the stereo effect is dropped in the right ear (maybe its the left ear, the silver ghost changes phase and channel so many times it would take a tallented designer like mikhail to build it right, nobody but mikhail can modify his amps right dontcha know) That ****ing vocal cheapness sticks there for the whole song. the tambourine in the background sounds quite nice though. Never heard it before, there it is. Whatever the next song on that album is has MUCH cleaner vocals.

for a bit of something that gave me a solid eargasm (in public nonetheless) im playing "ooh-lalala-love" on the album "supernature" by "goldfrap".
This album is missing a bit of the silly low hard hitting bass Im acoustomed to hearing from it. The texture in the bass great, but the ultimate depth simply isnt there. The vocals show a slightly plasticyness.

for a fapping good time were going on to "never stop falling in love" on "hang on little tomatoe" by "pink martini"
This is a rocking song. Really nice mix. I dont have much to complain about here so Im going to hold the space bar down until I want to type more. That was GREAT! the song starts out with a few violins, the wood block, and a xylophone in there. Very nice, the tone of the xylophone comes through nice and clean, while the gnar of the violin is preserved. The chick's voice is nice and clear and close enough that I could reach out and touch her, except thats how you get kicked out of the club. Much better to wait for her to touch you. The brass instruments (muted trumpet) sound QUITE nice. The tone is smooooooth with that little trailing edge that says "Im a lover not a fighter, but im also a fighter so dont get any ideas".

The song "superfreak" by "rick james" on the album "street songs" is on next.
The song starts out with the electric bass/fingersnap riff that he stole from MC hammer, but it sounds good when rick does it. The tone of the guitar is quite nice. Not smoothed over, but at the same time it has a little distortion pedal edge. The unity of Rick's voice with the rest of the song is outstanding. The backup singers are panned tastefully to the sides.

(I know, rick james wrote the riff, MC hammer sampled it - you actually read this far about something that isnt the HD-800, o2, JH13, or R10?)

For a piece of classical music I would like to play track 3 off of one of the Stax binaural discs.

Album: The Warsaw Baroque Soloists Concerto Avenna
Composer: Arcangelo Corelli
piece: Concerto Groso op6 nb 8 g - minor (the christmas concert)
"allegro" (track 3 for those of you who have this)
This piece starts off with the violin hard left, and a viola off to the right, they are both very clearly defined, and show the texture of the instrument well. There appears to be a cello & bass in the back, but closer to the center. Everyone is playing so nicely in this upbeat piece.

overall, I quite like these headphones. They are not bound to a particular sound signature like some others are, and most importantly for me dont mask vocals or other details. My biggest gripe is that they have a wicked clamp, and stiff old pads. I must say that overall they are quite nice.

These headphones are no longer for sale.

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