FS: Sony D-35, Denon DCP-30, others
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Jul 14, 2003
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Jul 14, 2003
I went completely nuts collecting portables....

I was fairly critical with these descriptions (when I say "very light wear", it looks fine, it just doesn't look *brand new*), so there should be no surprises. PM if interested in any of these, and I'll email photos/further descriptions. Thanks for looking!...

Sony D-35 PCDP. Comes with wallwart and original Sony rubbery/plastic carrying case. Excellent condition, near mint - orange "Sony" sticker still on lid. Plays every disc I own (including CD-R), no skips. SLIGHT wear on lower edge of LCD window (where case rubs) - very minor, you have to hold it in the right light to see it. Rubber case is maybe 7/10, not bad. Asking $160, shipped.

Denon DCP-30. Comes w/ original Denon 7.5V wallwart. Excellent condition, plays all my discs, no skips. 2-in. hairline scratch on lid, barely noticeable. Sounds great. $75, shipped.

Sony D-141. New-in-box w/ wallwart and phones. $25, shipped.

Sony D-202. Wallwart included. Very minor wear on lid. Looks great, plays great. $20, shipped.

Sony D-101. Wallwart included. Very nice, orange "Sony" sticker, plays great. $15, shipped.

Sony D-111. Wallwart included. Very nice, plays great. $20, shipped.

Sony D-34. Original box/packing, manual, headphones, wallwart. Light wear on lid, plays great, includes another D-34 for parts. $25, shipped.

Kenwood DPC-61. Excellent shape, plays great. Includes wallwart and wireless remote. Tab on the under-lid battery door cracked off - no problem, as long as you keep it on your desk (or affix small piece of tape to go portable). $20, shipped.

Optimus CD-3400. Does not work - I don't know what's wrong with it. Complete, so probably good for parts. $20, shipped.
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