FS: Sony bluetooth awesome headphones with nano etc. !!!
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Dec 12, 2007
I just bought all of this, as a new some sort of portable setup. But now, I have to have the money for an upcoming trip in a couple weeks, and I already have a killer setup, livewires, rockboxed ipod, etc. Why did i buy this?!

I have the box for the headphones but tossed everything else.

Anyway, i still have the receipts if you want 'em, I honestly have not had this for long at all, all of this is practically brand new.

Here's what you get as one package deal....

Sony DRBT50 Bluetooth Headset
Apple Ipod Nano w/clear case
Bluetooth dock reciever thingy (not included with headset, ran me 80 bucks)

I also purchased a two or three year extended warranty from best buy on the nano (however long it is) so you will get that too.

The sound is AWESOME. Believe me, not static at all. this was my second bluetooth experience and, well this isnt cell phones, the technology actually works. you will be impressed.
I am asking 350. (that includes paypal fees and insurance, tracking) for the whole thing, which is pretty good considering it is brand new, my loss is your gain.
If i don't get any bites in a couple days I'm gonna throw on ebay for the same price reserved.




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