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FS: Some low to mid-fi iems

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  1. roughington
    For Sale
    I am trying to get some money to fun some DIY hobbies so I figured these might have to go in order to fund my hunger. I will be posting photos in the future but I figured that I should take the time to list all of this stuff.
    Astrotex ax35- These were my first "nicer" IEM the build quality on them is pretty outstanding considering the price I got them for. These are pretty V shaped and the highs can get a little on the hot side so I don't use them much anymore but they are in quite good condition and have been in a drawer for a bit again you can find a review of these on THL. **SOLD** shipped obo.
    Vivo XE800- I got this because I heard they were almost the same as gr07's, and they blew me away for a while until I got my beloved fischers they punch well above their price point when I bought them, their price has spiked up on taobao for legit ones. so I'll let these go for 35 shipped obo. I want these to get some good ole lovin from someone looking for excellent performance/price.
    NHT SuperBuds- These have been sitting in a box for a while, because I just don't like the way they fit for me. These have a warmer SS with a sizable bass bump that bleeds a little into the low mids but it's not too bad you can find a more in depth review over at THL. SOLD.
    Fischer Amps 4e xb - these are without a doubt my favorite IEMs that I have had the pleasure of getting my grubby hands on. They are on the sensitive side so when I run them on my phone or iPod there is a ever so faint hiss. But I don't even notice it once sound starts to play (that's the brain for you). The mids are a touch laid back and they aren't live audience spacious and the bass is tight with good punch but they sound very balanced overall and the highs never get sibilant even when I do a frequency sweep on them. The fit and comfort on these is just amazing, yes the logo is attached with the weakest glue known to man but the sound more than makes up for these. SOLD ****** it! shipped obo.
    Ableton LaunchPad v1- I got this on a whim because I decided to try my hand at making chiptunes and trap beats, I have played 3-4 parties/sets with it before I stopped having time for the whole music thing during school, it's been played around with here and there but overall it still performs like the day I got it. There is velcro on the back so I could stick it on a table and not have to worry about someone bumping it off and knocking it down. ** shipped obo. Sold
    pics soon(ish) I promish
    Edit Fischers have pics now
  2. roughington
    Prico Reducto!
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