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FS: SOLD! Creative Soundblaster X7 + accessories and freebies

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  1. conquerator2
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    Hi there,
    For sale is my Creative Soundblaster X7. I no longer game as much and have decided to part with it. It is in mint condition. It works as advertised, though I do encourage you to take a look at its associated thread here to be aware of some of its quirks (for example, it has trouble locking to the current input, and since there is no input selector it might take a couple tries / on/off cycles for the unit to lock successfully). As.far as its flexibility, it ticks most all boxes. It now can pass through SBX Surround, in addition to its bluetooth connectivity, speaker outputs and last but not least, its headphone out, with all these features supported through this decent all-in-one DAC/amp unit.
    The freebies I am including are a pair of nice quality optical cables ($20 value) and an aftermarket OPA827 operational amplifier in the conversion stage ($20 value). I'll include the original op-amp as well (I can install it if you want, but I think the 827 is a better match for most systems). The only drawback is that the cover is a very tight fit with the 827, so I choose to not install it (you can if you so choose, I'll include the door).
    Please see the pictures for more.
    Thank you for looking!
    IMG_20180307_152654.jpg IMG_20180307_153403.jpg IMG_20180307_154426.jpg IMG_20180307_154620.jpg IMG_20180307_154701.jpg IMG_20180307_154720.jpg IMG_20180307_154816.jpg IMG_20180307_155350.jpg IMG_20180307_155528.jpg
  2. conquerator2
    Bump. Price drop
  3. conquerator2
    Price droppity bump.
  4. conquerator2
    Bump, PD. Worth repeating that shipping and fees are included which means a decent chunk off for that!
  5. conquerator2
    Bump. PD.
  6. selvakumar
    check pm

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