FS[SOLD]: AKG K702 & Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohm Manufaktur SOLD
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Jan 18, 2006
Both Items are sold, thanks for watching.

For sale is the new AKG K702, basically a K701 with different color, removable cord and according to AKG a very slightly differently tuned sound.
I bought this headphone in September and its in brand new condition, used around 4-6 hours with 50 hours burn in.
Comes with the box and proof of purchase.
Still new to the 2nd hand market so i dunno where to set the price. Send me your offer. Pics will follow.

Also for sale is a customized Beyerdynamic DT880 in 600 Ohm. Also bought this in September from the Manufaktur and it looks like this:


It says "colorhythm" on the sides.

More pics coming up soon as well.
As this is a customized article please send your offers. Price from them Manufatur was 340 Euro.

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