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FS: SMSL SAP 9 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Trader History (7)
  1. raindogtrombone
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    Selling a near mint SMSL SAP 9 Balanced Headphone Amplifier, which I'm pretty sure is the cheapest balanced amp you can find. Bought it to be a temporary solution while I waited for my new amp to arrive. Probably used it for 10 hours max. Pretty decent for what it is - though I never used the single-ended inputs and outputs, I thought it did a pretty decent job with my Audeze LCD-3F.

    Looking for $65 USD plus shipping, which would be about $10-12 to Canada and US, and around $15 to the rest of the world (will work out a quote with exact address.

    Also posted on Canuck Audio Mart, with pictures: http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649417234-smsl-sap-9-balanced-headphone-amplifier/
  2. gaang
  3. raindogtrombone
    No sorry sold.

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