FS: Slightly Modded Grado SR-225 With: Bowls, Flats, and Headphile Z-Flat Port Pads
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I have decided that I do not need three pairs of headphones, so I have decided to sell my SR-225's and A-900's and keep my DT770's.

Since I primarily listen to my speakers, unless at night, I rarely use my headphones. These SR-225's are very lightly used. I have performed two mods on these headphones. The first is that I coated the Y-Split of the cable with a light layer of liquid rubber to make sure that the cable will never get tangled or fail at that point, since it seems that is a problem with the cables. It is barely noticeable, but in the interest of full disclosure, I decided to. The second mod is that I glued a Sennheiser HD-580 headband pad to the underside of the pleather Grado headband. I am very glad I did, it is extremely comfortable now that there is padding.

Here is what I paid for everything:

SR-225: $199
Flats: $35
Z-Flat Ports: $99
Total: $333

I am asking for $250 for the whole bundle shipped via USPS. I will ship everything very well packed. I prefer Paypal as form of payment. I wish to sell everything together, so please do not ask to buy individual items.

I have taken very good care of all of my headphones, since I did not plan of getting rid of them. There are not visible or audible defects that I can see or hear. I would say that I have put maybe 20 hours on them total. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Check my sig for feedback. Thanks

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