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FS: Siemens CCa / Telefunken E88CC

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  1. songmic
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    The tubes I'm about to sell are vintage tubes of the 6DJ8/6922/7308 family, widely regarded as the best of their type. Siemens CCa and Telefunken E88CC, both of which are made in Germany. However, it should be noted that these tubes are used, not new. I have no idea exactly how long they have been used, or how much life they have left. As such, I cannot claim that they have over 5000+ hours of life like many tube vendors do. Also, as you can see in the pictures, their labels are not in such a good shape, some of them being hardly legible enough to make out that they are indeed Siemens CCa or Telefunken E88CC. While I guarantee these are genuine said tubes, because of these apparent cosmetic flaws, I'm selling them at a significantly lower price than the usual market price for these tubes. I'll also sell individual single tubes at request. If you want to grab some vintage 6922 tubes at a good price and don't care about the condition of the labels, this sale would probably appeal to you.

    For the record, gears that use these tubes include (but definitely not limited to): Cavalli Liquid Fire/Liquid Crimson, Schiit Vali 2/Valhalla 2/Lyr 2/Mjolnir 2, all Sonic Frontiers CD players and DAC's, Aune T1, Woo WA2/WA3, Decware Taboo MK4, Pathos Aurium, Cary HH-1, and so on. I cannot make an exhaustive list as the 6DJ8 family of tubes are perhaps the most widely used driver tubes in the market.

    1. Siemens CCa


    These are the holy grail of 6922 tubes, a pair can cost anywhere around $400-600. Selling these for $200. For individual tubes, the one on the left is $120, the one on the right is $80 (SOLD).

    2. Telefunken E88CC


    Another well-regarded European tube, a pair usually sells for around $200-$300. Selling these for $100. For individual tubes, the one on the left is $60, the one of the right is $40 (SOLD). The reason the left one is more expensive is because the right one is slightly noisier than the left one.
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
  2. songmic
    The cheaper Siemens CCa ($80) and Telefunken E88CC ($40) have been sold. Only 1 of each left.

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