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FS: Sennheiser HD820 5 months Old >50 hrs usage

Trader History (14)
  1. I'mSparticus
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • North America

    Sennheiser HD820 For Sale:

    Near Mint HD820 for sale, 2nd owner, originally purchased from authorized retailer.

    Includes all original packaging, HD820 Headset, 6.35mm and XLR4 pin cables (DOES NOT INCLUDE 4.4mm Cable), Instructions, USB drive, and Original Wooden Box.

    Reason for selling: I purchased this around a month ago to use in my office, but I recently started a new job where isolation isn't needed (primary reason for purchase)

    Asking $1400 +PP Fees and Shipping.

    I also have a 4ft Cardas cable seen in first picture terminated in a 6.35mm Connection for sale for $80 which includes shipping and PP fees.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2019
  2. I'mSparticus
    Weekend Bumpage
  3. Law87
    free bump for you...these are THE best closed headphone....

    p.s you kept the sticker...thats nut.
  4. I'mSparticus
    Sounds amazing, but can't justify atm having the Ether 2 as well.

    I am super OCD about keeping everything when it comes to electronics, so yeah stickers are gonna stay haha
  5. I'mSparticus
  6. I'mSparticus
  7. I'mSparticus
    Price drop to $1400
  8. I'mSparticus
  9. I'mSparticus
  10. joespride
    Location ?
  11. I'mSparticus

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