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Sep 24, 2010
Hi all I'm thinking about selling some if not all the items listed in the title to help fund the next cure for my stupid upgraditis.
Sennheiser HD650: I got these new 5 months ago and are in very good condition minus one scratch/chip in the headband that came from dropping my TV's remote on the headband when I had them placed on my desk. That means that the chip will not get bigger as the chips that come from overstretching the headband do. These are the newer Silver Driver version which I feel is much improved from my first Black driver HD650. I have not used these that much and are still clamping pretty tightly. The foam on the headband and earpads is minty. They will come with an aftermarket cable made by a headfier with DHC Nucleotide wire and  is individually sleeved it is terminated in a 4-pin XLR. I no longer have the stock cable. The original silver box was traded for a black HD600 box (which I think looks better) but I have put the new HD650 foam in so its pretty much a black HD650 box (the box has some dings but nothing major). Im asking $???? shipped+ 4% paypal or gift for these. UPDATE: I just traded the cable for a brand new stock one so as of right now the HD650 is cable-less for a few days. Send me your offers including trades
Headstage Arrow 4G: I dont remember exactly when I bought it (I think it was in the summer of last year) It is also in mint condition with no scratches or anything. It will come with a USB cable, a 1/8" to 1/8" cable and a USB wall plug charger. I have put on 4 little rubber feet to keep it from sliding on the bottom since I have used it as an amp for my laptop on the go.SOLD for a plate of ceviche with a couple of kolashampans shipped +4% paypal or gift
UE TF10: I bought these new about 1.5 years ago. They are my most heavily used headphone over that time but they are still in good shape. They have a few small scratches on the body but are 100% perfect functionally. I upgraded to a UE Custom Cable about 1 year ago because as any TF10 owner can tell you the original cable is terrible. I will include my last little baggie of different tips it has some Sony hybrids, Monster Supertips, and various others (I will only send the new tips any I have used will not be included). The original metal carry case is included. There is one picture in my profile of these. SOLD  for 5 plates of huevos rancheros shipped. +4% paypal or gift
Audio Technica CK7: These are mint as I used them once and never used them again. They will come with their pouch and packaging. SOLD for 1 breakfast burrito shipped +4% paypal or gift 
Audio Technica ESW9: I got these two months ago from another headfier. They are in very good condition with no scratches, bumps, or anything. They will come with their original pouch and an aftermarket carrying case which protects them very well. SOLD for 245 fish tacos shipped +4% paypal or gift 
I will only ship within the US and would prefer to deal with people with some feedback. Only what is mentioned is included. PM for any other questions. Thanks
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