FS: Sennheiser HD600 with Oehlbach cable (must sell!)
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Jan 16, 2004
I'm the first time owner of the Sennheiser HD 600s, which are amazing cans. Like the rest of my gear that I'm selling, these are beautiful. In fact, they (along with the Perreaux or DAC1 and Philips CDP) have been my main rig for two years. Most of you have probably heard the Senns, and if not, you're in for a treat. Laid back but detailed, with unstoppable power and palpability, these headphones are by far the best I've ever tried. I had actually planned on keeping them forever, but it turns out that I can't afford that right now.

This sale includes the HD600s in their original case, and the famed Oehlbach cable ($50). The cans are in great cosmetic condition, in a nonsmoking house, one owner, etc. They have one flaw: they have loose connectors. There's a FAQ on headfi about how to fix this anomaly with a spoon or something bizarre like that, but I haven't tried it. When you push in the connector, it usually stays tight. This isn't usually a big deal but, sometimes, it can be annoying.

I'm asking $210 shipped. This is a great deal! Please PM if you have any questions.

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