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Sep 12, 2007
I have a pair of HD-650s I'm looking to sell. They are in perfect condition. They are clean, have always been in a smoke-free environtment, etc. I've had them for about a year but only actively listened to them for about the first 6 months. They are now stowed in the box they came in with everything they came with (original cable, of course, foam packaging, 1/4" to 1/8" adapter). I love them but I need a bit of cash right now and considering I haven't used them in 6 months I am looking to sell them.

These can be had from JR.com for $330 new. (In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what I got them for a year ago.) As best I can tell the going rate for used 650s around here seems to be $225-250. I want to move these ASAP so I'll price them at $220: $200 is what I really want for the headphones, plus $20 to cover PayPal fees and insured shipping to anywhere in the US (most likely UPS).

I've sold a headphone amp here on Head-Fi.org before. I've sold big ticket lenses on Nikonians.org. I have 100% feedback on eBay under the name kamcma1 (though all as a buyer).

If you are interested, PM me back and I'll give you an email where you can PayPal me. Whenever payment happens, I will ship out at least the next day, if not the day of payment.

Kyle McMahon

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