FS: Sennheiser 580s (vintage @1996)
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Mar 6, 2006
I have a pair of Sennheiser 580s that I purchased approximately ten years ago. However, I would say that I have used them less than 200 hours total in that time, and less than 10 hours in the past five years. I never really "took" to the headphone sound, but more importantly, I have since developed a hearing disorder that would make a renewed attempt at learning to love the headphones a bit pointless (I've tried once or twice, but the proximity of the sound to my eardrums is too painful and harsh).

Bottom line is that I imagine someone else would and should enjoy them since they've gotten so little use from me. I'm selling them for $90 based on my research around the web for used 580s. Considering their condition and low usage, I believe this is fair.

I realize I'm "stopping by" the forum just to sell these, so I'm more than willing, as mentioned above, to have the potential buyer send snail mail to my home address in order to confirm my legitimacy. I'm in no hurry. Further, I'll be more than happy to e-mail photos of the 580s to anyone who's interested. I don't use PayPal or any online payment services, so I'll only accept cashier's checks or money orders. Also, I would prefer to deal inside the U.S. but will consider other locations. $90 includes shipping inside the U.S.; outside, we'd have to negotiate.

Thanks, and I hope this is of interest to someone out there.

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