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FS: Schiit Lyr [ UK / EU ] [ 230 Volt ]

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by jasio, Mar 12, 2013.
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  1. Jasio
    For Sale
    I have a one and a half year old Schiit Lyr available for sale from the UK to any EU member states.
    The unit was purchased from the authorized UK dealer and is 230 volt ready with UK kettle cord included.
    This particular unit has the JJ E88CC tubes - and has the majority of its five year warranty still left (3.5 years).
    It is in excellent shape, with no visible scratches/blemishes. I have the original box and invoice as well. Originally purchased for 449 GBP. 
    This unit has performed very well with no real complaints about its performance. It was only used to drive a pair of HE-500's and as a result has never been pushed anywhere near its limits. Total usage is estimated at about 150 hours, and the tubes are in great shape and well matched.
    This is one of the first units that were shipped to Europe from the USA. It carries serial number #000436. 
    I ship the unit DHL Express Ground/Air. Buyer pays shipping on-top of the cost of the unit.
    Payment ideally via Bank Transfer, optionally via PayPal (confirmed accounts only). 
    Would prefer to sell this to a Head-Fi'er than fleabay.
    Feel free to PM me with questions. I will post images up soon, but it's a stock Lyr so there isn't too much to share. 
    Added: I am the original owner of this unit. 
  2. yukiom
    Hi Jasio
    PM sent
    post code is >Co.Cork< no nr.
  3. jellofund
    Not sure if a sale has been agreed but pm'd in the off chance.
  4. Jasio
    These are still for sale :)
  5. darrenscerri
    PM'ed.  Waiting for your reply :)
  6. CraftyClown
    Hey Jasio, I've just pm'd you :)
  7. Jasio
    The unit is currently pending sale.
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