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FS: Schiit Lyr (less than 5 months old, perfect condition)

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  1. Timestretch
    For Sale
    Hi all,
    Selling my Schiit Lyr. It has stock everything and I can include the manual as well. It is a good amplifier that I purchased brand new from Schiit's website not very long ago, and it works rather flawlessly. I got it, set it down on my old desk, and haven't touched anything but the power switch and the volume knob since.
    Unfortunately, I will soon no longer have a use for it, and would like to sell it to someone who can really enjoy it.  
    See included pictures -- I might add that this would go very well with the HE-6 I am selling. 
    I'll ship via UPS, nicely and safely (they can package things pretty well) and even cover shipping costs for ya. It's a good deal!
    Please let me know if interested. 
  2. spraggih
  3. Timestretch
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