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FS Schiit Jotunheim /w AK4490 Dac Module USA48 only Paypal Only

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  1. genclaymore
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    I'm selling a Schiit Jotunheim which has the AK4490 Dac Module installed,Every thing works perfectly as there is no problems at all with it. All of the rubber feet are on the bottom of it. I can't tell but there might be some scratches or something on the volume knob. I will also include a power cable, Sadly I don't have a usb cable that I can provide.

    I'm asking $325 shipped for it, I will not accept trades, I also will not ship first. I will only accept Paypal, I will not accept any other forms of payment I will only ship within the USA to the lower 48.When I ship, I will use tracking and it will be insured.
    IMG_20190704_034538.jpg IMG_20190704_033904.jpg IMG_20190704_033931.jpg IMG_20190704_033959.jpg IMG_20190704_034021.jpg

    Selling Feedback
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  2. genclaymore
    Bump, Realized I forgot to put the photos
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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