FS: SAC KH1000---SOLD---
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Oct 8, 2009
Bought this amp new for USD$780- 16/07/2010  direct from authorised SAC dealer in Hong Kong. This amp was specifically built by SAC to drive the AKG 1000
One of the most powerful amps I have heard.
Have used it with Hifiman HE5LE and possibly the first Audez’e LCD2
here in Australia and it drives both of them well.
Has its own separate Power Supply 220-240v(see photos)
Balanced inputs with balanced 4pin xlr and 1/4” TRS outputs.
Selling my whole desktop rig
Within Australia: USD$OLD+USD$25 shipped by registered post
Or Melbourne 3128 pick up
Worldwide: USD$OLD+shipping via Express Post International
For international postage calculations
Weight: 4.3kg
Payment: Paypal
Will usually ship out from Australia within 24 hours of completed Paypal payment
All customs/tax related will be the responsibility of the buyer.
Boxed and ready to ship.
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