FS: RWA iMOD 4G Photo - new 60G HD $old
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Sep 7, 2004

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Red Wine Audio Modded iMod 4G Photo with New 60G Hard Drive.

I am the first owner of this iMod.
Per Vinnie's recommendaion, purchased it new from Small Dog Electronics. According to Vinnie - this was a new unit, apparently they were getting rid of the inventory.

I had replaced the battery some time ago - that was $75 (don't have receipt for that). I was having some hard drive issue so I recently got it replaced for $75. I have about $625 into it.

It sounds amazing - for my audiophile and non-audiophile friends - it sounded like some of the best systems / headphone systems they have heard. (Of course it was paired with an amp and a headphone)

So, why am I selling?
I have another imod and a couple other ipods and I just put in an order for HM-801.

The unit is in good condition - it was used in a headphone carrying bag most of the time. There are usual scratches. I had multiple systems so this unit was not used exclusively.

The unit comes with 30G+ Apple Lossless audiophile files and a usb cable. I may not have the original - but will pack it nicely. Ship or pickup from 11375 - Forest Hills, NY.

I do have a few mini to mini cables that I may sell separately
- Cardas (flexible and portable)
- Silver Dragon
-Revelation Audio Labs Silver

Only Cardas cable is flexible enough to be portable - the other two are more for desktop listening as they are stiffer (and better sounding) and do not like to me moved too much.



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