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FS - Rudistor RP8 - new - E-OTL - sounds like Zana Deux SOLD

  1. budx3385
    Here is a Rudistor RP8 headphone amp, new 5 months ago, carefully broken in (no more than 2 hrs on at a time, total of 40 hrs), and with little listening time (< 10 hrs).  I'm cleaning out the closet.
    It is a novel hybrid design --- a quad tube (12AU7) input section with zero global negative feedback and a high current SE - OTL  solid state output section.  Alps potentiometer, high and low impedance jacks, fast warm-up, really outstanding sound quality.  Transparent with excellent imaging and microdetail, but still musical and just barely "warm".  Its sound signature is very close to the sound of the Zana Deux SE, at least to my ears, without the massive heat output.  You can read more about it here
    The only glitch I ever had was an EMI hum that was eliminated by covering the open RCA sockets on the back end.  That's what Cardas sells those little covers for.
    Retail is $1700 USD.  PRICE = $$$$$ plus shipping.  It will be well packed and insured.  My feedback is 100% here and on audiogon (3385xbud) and on ebay (3385xbud). Ser nr RP8-CC13.

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