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FS: RSA Tomahawk (Canada & CONUS) - $190

  1. robojack
    I am selling my beloved RSA Tomahawk portable amp #078. Black with gold volume knob, this amp is fully burned in. Amp in mint condition. Includes original box, pouch.

    Pictures will be posted later.

    Asking $190USD + shipping, with payment via Paypal.
  2. DannyBuoy
    I have a Cowon D2+ and UE Triple.fi 10s and although it gets loud enough, I do not think the bass extension is that good and when I use the fancy BBE stuff in Cowon the sound gets muddy (I prefer flat EQ and proper amplification).

    Do you think this will increase my SQ going from D2+ to UE (I see you have similar equipment)?
    If so, I am interested in buying.
  3. robojack
    Hi DannyBuoy,

    You'll definitely get a good boost in SQ when going to the Tomahawk. You can do a search, this is a very highly spoken amp.

    PM me to verify your intent of buying this amp off of me.

  4. unl3a5h3d
    Interested in trades?
  5. Spawn
    you got pm.
  6. robojack

    Originally Posted by unl3a5h3d /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Interested in trades?

    Sorry, not at this time. Thanks, though [​IMG]
  7. robojack
    Bump, still on sale.
  8. robojack
    Bump, with price drop.
  9. ambchang
    Can't believe this amp is not gone yet. I just paid $205 for a scratched Tomahawk with no box or manual.

    Anyways, the amp is superb. Granted my previous one was only a CMOY, but the Tomohawk gives the music more punch without significantly altering the sound signature. It's really fantastic.
  10. skoog5600
    I pm'd you about whether you would be willing to ship to Japan. Let me know if there are no takers ... I will buy it. Also if you have photos?
  11. robojack
    Bump. Still available for sale.
  12. ramadugu
    I have iPhone 3G and iPod 6g and got customs for Triple.Fi from Fisher. If you suggest that buying this amp will help, I'm interested and will pm you.
    PS: I listed to Rock and Indian (bollywood music).
  13. sk3383

    I live in the GTA and I am very intersted. You got PM!!!!!!
  14. tg184
    I'm not sure if this is still for sale. If so, please check your PM.
  15. cck5
    is this still up for sale"?

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