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FS: RSA P-51 Mustang (CONUS)

  1. matt_510
    My lightly used P-51 ~100 hours.
    Comes with two LOD's (Ipod dock is basic no-cap no iphone)
    The 1/8 to 1/8 is Canare Star Quad with switchcraft connectors.
    The LOD is mil-spec Silver plated copper with switchcraft 1/8" and qables dock.
    $275 shipped CONUS
    This has been one of my favorite amps, but as my setup changed (no longer have an ipod or portable that needs an amp) I haven't used it in a few months. Time to let it go to someone who will use it.
  2. Del Griffith
  3. matt_510
    All PM's replied to.
    Edit: I'm in metro Detroit for those interested in local pickup.
  4. elrohas
    Hi i am intrested can we use pay pal call me 602-300-4819 Gregory
  5. elrohas
    Sorry my first time on this site so i am not sure how to purschase?
  6. nel1654bc
    Will you accept Paypal ?
  7. matt_510
    Paypal would be preferred.
    PM's replied to.
    School just started and I got a bit swamped last week.
  8. lentiman
    Still available?  I'm out of PMs.  Please email me: lentiman@comcast.net

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