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FS: Rio Karma in excellent condition, price reduced

  1. Jaska
    I have decided to sell my Rio Karma to help fund the purchase of a new computer. I am the original owner of this device, and I am quite confident that a used Karma cannot be found in such good condition as mine. It has been used almost exclusively at home as a bedside player, has never been exposed to the elements, dropped, or abused in any way. The battery still holds a great charge. The only fault it really has is that the lock switch is broken. When it was rather new, I noticed a strand of fiber behind the display. It drove me nuts, so I carefully took the Karma apart, removed the fiber, and put the Karma back together. As careful as I was, the little flimsy lock switch tab still managed to break off. I would still rate the overall condition of the player as 9/10, and all the original accessories are included.

    I'm asking 100€ plus 10€ shipping. I would like to find a buyer in Finland, but will ship to other EU countries as well. Payment by bank transfer. Send me a PM if you're interested.

    EDIT: The price has now been lowered as far as it's going to go. For those who have not listened to IEMs with a Karma, you'd likely be surprised as how well it drives even the ER-4S--so well that, in my opinion, there's no need for a portable amp and silly interconnect.
  2. Jaska
  3. Jaska
    Bump, price reduction.
  4. CRaZyWen
    Still for sale? Write me crazywen@yandex.ru
  5. Jaska
  6. Jaska
  7. OldHooky
    Possibly interested. What would you take incl shipping to the UK?
  8. Jaska
    PM sent.
  9. Jaska
  10. flipper203
    Still for sale?
  11. Jaska
    Yes indeed. Sorry for the late reply. I've been on holiday and completely away from my e-mail for a while. Please send me a P.M. if you're interested in the Karma.
  12. chefluigi
    Hey shoot me a message would love to pick it up my karma just froze so i need another.

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