FS: Rhapsodio 8-Braid Silver Cable 2-Pin & 4,4mm Connector

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    Hi there!

    I have my Rhapsodio 8-braid Silver Litz Cable up for sale.
    It had a 3,5mm termination and got re-terminated by Forza Audio to 4,4mm for my Sony Player. :)
    The case comes along!

    It's original price was around 800$.

    Would let it go for 235€ - Shipping in EU and Paypal included. 245€ for abroad. Please no negotiations, as it's fair as it is.


    It's a very pleasant cable, which does not exaggerate the highs to an extend, where it becomes scratchy/stingy, but to a very harmonic level. Detail revealing and everything in great order due to clear layering. Natural sounding, yet controlled. By no means I can call this a bad deal. Not saying this as a seller, but as a listener. :)

    Reason for selling is, that I bought myself a new Silver Cable with Gold in it (super expensive!) which fits my SE5-Way Ultimate slightly more than this one.

    Please let me know if you have any questions left!

    Kind regards
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