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FS:Remote Volume Control KIT

  1. seawind
    For Share: Remote Volume Control KIT Post #1

    To make a remote volume control is only a dream of mine in 2 years before.But I made it today ^_^

    As to traditional ALPS attenuators, I prefer R-2R type digital volume control,ont only for the convenience by remote control,but also the HI-END sound quality.
    This volume controller has very low THD because firm resistors consist all the audio path,high quality relays,separated GND L & R, separated GND analog & digital and consideratly PCB routing.

    4 sources selector,
    64 step volume control ,no "POP" noise at all,
    power up/down ,
    mute on/off.

    all these funtion can be remote by the remote handset or manual

    This KIT includs:
    controller board based on P89S51,beautiful 1602 LCD, main board build with DALE resistor and Panasonic TQ2 relay,
    remote handset,and all the connecting wire

    Here is some pictures I took in the testment. It works great,and I just use common metal resistor,but it sounds better than the audio grade ALPS 27 attenuator!

    18 KITs available in total this time, so I want to share some of them on diyaudio and head-fi.

    Total cost for one stereo KIT is only 60 USD, airmail registered included.
    PAYPAL prefered

    Drop me an email or PM if you interest in it, USER MANUAL is ready, thank you all ^_^

    best regards
    Seawind [​IMG]
  2. seawind
    bump for deal ^_^
  3. seawind
    bump for deal, 20 kits left ^_^
    New USER MANUAL is ready to go.

  4. d888sp4
    I'm interested in for 2 kit, is still available?
    Send me the manual.

    Thank You.

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