FS: Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2
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Sep 14, 2005
Well, its time for me to sell this amp, which has been the heart of my system for over a year and a half. Why the sale? Because I recently acquired some Signature 70.2's and don't need both. The amplifier is in the older chassis and doesn't have the SMART charging capability of the newer 30.2, but it still has the beguiling 30.2 sound so if you can handle turning it on and off yourself you'll be fine. Also, unlike many of the partial-upgraded versions you'll see on Audiogon, mine has the remote control option for us lazy people. Amp is in 8/10 condition, there is a minor scratch on one case but I went over it with a sharpie and unless you like looking at your amps more than listening to music, you'll never see it.

$1500 takes it. I have feedback, all 100% positive, on Audiogon, eBay, and Headfi.



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