FS: Rectifier Tubes (5U4/GZ34/422A)
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Mar 29, 2014
NOTE:  There are a lot of photos attached and in the thread, if you're on your mobile phone viewing this, you may hate me.
Tested with TV-7B/U Tube Tester - Calibrated 3/21/2015
All Tubes Tested on 5/23/2015.  Tubes were all tested for shorts prior to GM testing; each tube was tested 3 times for review and to verify accuracy of testing.  
Tubes are NOS and have seen use, the amplifiers which they were used in are noted in the individual tube details. Some tubes include adapters and/or original packaging, notes are below.
NOTE:  Buyer is responsible for PayPal fee's and $8 flat shipping fee; even if multiple's are ordered, will combine the delivery.  Tubes will all be shipped via FedEx Ground and Insured for their sold amount.  If you wish for expedited, let me know so I can quote accordingly.
Western Electric 422A
Price:  $300 (SOLD)
Test 1:  49/49
Test 2:  49/49
Test 3:  49/49
Approximate Hours Used: 400 (Used in WA22, Decware)
Minimum Value: 40/40
Date Code: 6552 / Black Plates
NOTE:  Includes WE422A -> GZ37 Adapter, made by Glenn here on Head-fi - should be used with WA22 amp, did not need with Decware.  The pin-outs on the WE422A are not standard 5U4 so may induce a slight hum without adapter on some amplifiers.
General Electronics JAN-CDR-1641 / RK-60 
Price: $60
Test 1: 71/70
Test 2: 71/70
Test 3: 71/70
Approximate Hours Used: 50 (Used in WA22)
Minimum Value: 50/50
Codes/Markings: 638 / JAN-CDR 
Date: September 1956
NOTE:  Orginal Packaging / Some wear and tear.  RK-60 Adapter with Grid Wires Included
Brimar(?) CV575/U52/5U4G
Price: $275 (SOLD)
Test 1: 51/49
Test 2: 50/49
Test 3: 50/49
Approximate Hours Used: 20-30 (This was one of my singles, not used often - WA22/Decware)
Minimum Value: 40/40
Codes/Markings: Up Arrow/Z, 5U4G, 10E/373, Made and Patended in England 5U4G 3/40
NOTE: Original packaging / Some wear and tear due to age / CV-575 Markings on Box
NOTE: Unsure of the specific manufacturer, should be either Brimar or GEC noted by the Made in England stamp, Google is your friend.
Phillips GZ34/5AR4 (Metal Base) 
Price: $400
Test 1: 57/58
Test 2: 58/58
Test 3: 58/59
Approximate Hours Used: 50 (Used in DNA Sonett)
Minimum Value: 40/40
Codes/Markings: TV2/57G engraved / Chalk lettering has wiped away
NOTE: Philips packaging - not original box
Mullard GZ34/5AR4 (Metal Base)
Price: $450
Test 1: 58/57
Test 2: 58/57
Test 3: 59/57
Approximate Hours Used: 50 (Used in WA22)
Minimum Value: 40/40
Codes/Markings: TV2/5?G engraved / Mullard Shield, GZ34 & BVA Logo / Made in Holland
NOTE: Not original packaging
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