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FS: Questyle CMA400i + clear top + rubber base $650 shipped

Trader History (14)
  1. Dadbeh
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    very low hours. no blemishes. excellent condition. price includes signature required shipping and paypal fees. so you pay 600 + sjhipping only all fees included.

    Pairs well with dynamics and planars and is excellent as a DAC.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
  2. Dadbeh
  3. Dadbeh
    Up. one of the best DAC/Headphone amps around
  4. Dadbeh
  5. Dadbeh
  6. Dadbeh
  7. BuddhaBruce
    Want to sell the base and clear top separate? :)
  8. Dadbeh
    i have no interest in doing that. if it doesn't sell I will keep it as i am happy with it:

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  9. Povell42
    Curious... did you sell this yet?
  10. Dadbeh
    yes. sold on ebay.
  11. johny5
    Hey sorry for the bother, but could you identify the hardware to the left of the cma400i? Is that a DAC or amp or? Thank you sir
  12. Dadbeh
    it is the soundware P1 that was here on loan for review. it is a preamp/headphone amp.
  13. Kimchee248
    Was looking to buy this on eBay for 500 or a topping dx7s for 430 no reviews on the 400i was going to pair with the thx aaa 789 amp and use the dac from the 400i which one would u rek ? Just curious because I don't want to regret my purchase
  14. Dadbeh
    i dont know the topping and i never used the 400i as dac only so i dont know what to tell you. sorry. i can just tell you that if you want a relaxing smooth sound (that is not very dynamic) 400i is good for 500 bucks. the Topping is based on a Sabre chip so i would nver recommend it. sabre chips are the leading cause of cancer and urinary tract infections :)

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