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[FS] PWAudio n°5 8 braid 2pin/4.4mm

Trader History (7)
  1. flipper203
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    For sale a PwAudio n°5 in 8 braid version, 2 pin and 4.4 balanced
  2. linux4ever
    When was this 8braid version launched? Thanks!
  3. flipper203
    I don't know when it was launched. Mine was bought by another person and I don't have the bill
  4. ctaxxxx
    Why are all the cables I'm interested in is only sold used overseas?... :tired_face:

    Do you have any pics?
  5. flipper203
    I'll post pics tonight (french time). I can ship to the US!
  6. flipper203
    IMG_20180613_194831.jpg IMG_20180613_194820.jpg IMG_20180613_194811.jpg Here are some pics
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  7. proedros
    linux4ever likes this.
  8. linux4ever
    Thanks for the link man. I'm not finding any review on this cable. I've the 4 braid one. I would like to know how heavy and ergonomic it is compared to the 4 braid one. Also the improvements in sound signature? Anyone has any comments on the cable?

    And thanks @flipper203 for the photos and details.
    proedros likes this.
  9. flipper203
    it not that heavy. Of course it's thicker but the ergonomic is still acceptable for nomade use. I use it mainly in the subway. About the sound improvement compared to the 4 braid, I don't really know as I didn't have the oportunity to compare it directly.
  10. linux4ever
    Thanks. how does it sound when paired with Sony WM1A & DX200?
  11. flipper203
    Sounds great depends on the IEM!
  12. linux4ever
    I've Custom Art Harmony 8.2 and Heir 10.0.

    How's the soundstage (width, depth and height)? And how's the extension in the lows and highs? How are the mids?

    P.w. audio no. 5 is known for timbre even with 4 braids. Hopefully the timbre excels with 8 braid. And the sound signature is hopefully balanced across the sound spectrum.
  13. flipper203
    Soundstage will increase a little but you'll keep mainly the timbre. There may be a little mire definition too
  14. flipper203
    Price drop from 190 to 170€

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