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FS - Pristine Focal Utopia

Trader History (54)
  1. kytuphicanh
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    I have a pair of pristine pair of Focal Utopia that honestly I haven't got much time to enjoy due to the amount of daily work. They are pretty much like new and sound fantastic out of my balanced Dynahi.

    The phones are terminated in 2x 3pin XLR, I can re-terminate the cable to 1/4" or 4pin XLR if necessary.

    More photos could be provided.

    The phones are located in Vietnam.
    Asking price is $2,350 including PP fee and shipping express worldwide.

    37756060c98d2cd3759c.jpg a7074e8fe762023c5b73.jpg b7252a3a83d766893fc6.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  2. kytuphicanh
  3. kytuphicanh
  4. kytuphicanh
    Looking for trading with a pair of HD800 or <$1k balanced DAC.
  5. kytuphicanh
  6. kytuphicanh
  7. thebrunx
    So you have time for HD800 but not for utopia?
  8. kytuphicanh
    Most of my time is on my Stax setups.
    The HD800 is much cheaper and easier to take “rough” treatment than the Utopia :)
  9. kytuphicanh
  10. kytuphicanh
    Price drops
  11. kytuphicanh
  12. kytuphicanh
  13. kytuphicanh
    I’m willing to take offers for the Utopia.
  14. kytuphicanh
  15. kytuphicanh

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