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FS: (Price dropped: $290) Audio Technica ATH-DN1000USB DAC Headphones

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  1. James Shoegazer
    For Sale
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    • Anywhere
    Best offer:
    Price reduced to $330 with International Tracking. Ships from SG.
    Look nowhere else for a fantastic built-in USB DAC/headphone
    Price: $290(tracked) as of APR 2019*

    ATH-DN1000USB (Google it) w/built-in DAC and Trigence semiconductor https://www.trigence.com/ Playback up to 24bit 192kHz. I'm not well versed with tech so again, kindly check the specs here: https://www.audio-technica.co.jp/smt/atj/show_model.php?modelId=2665) I bought this new from e-earphone.jp on Feb 2017. Most of the time kept in its original box.

    These underrated gems were not that known outside of Japan so I'll share my listening impressions (probably the first and only one on headfi) :
    The ATH-DN1000USB is definitely a fresh deviation from the ATH house sound without being too different. Bass is a good trait of it; its warm but not overly done. Compared with the bass on HD650, it is more textured, tighter and extends slightly deeper albeit having lesser body. Overall sound is not laid back and has decent PRAT, more so than its other closed back cousins. It shares a close resemblance of the driving energy, focus and forwardness of the thicker-sounding HD660S. Imagine a closed back HD650 with an Audio Technica twist to it; crispy, clear treble, mids not that warm like the Senns but more airy and detailed with bigger soundstage. In my opinion, ATH-1000USB remedies the limitations as found in both brands - gone is the Sennheiser veil and lacking bass of Audio Technicas. Its internal DAC is powerful (adequate at 30% volume) and sounds very well on your laptop through only a removable USB cable.
    (Reviewed as of Dec 2018)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This will be my first deal on head-fi hopefully :) !
    My feedbacks: http://www.ebay.com/usr/jameshoegazer
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  2. James Shoegazer
    bump, price now 430 (PP fees + shipping inclusive)
  3. James Shoegazer
    reduced to $400, bump !
  4. James Shoegazer
    $350 now! (PP+Shipping) Look nowhere else for a fantastic built-in USB DAC/headphone !
  5. James Shoegazer
    B !!
  6. James Shoegazer
    Final price $330....International tracked
    Bummer. Seriously underrated
  7. James Shoegazer
    Impressions and pictures updated
  8. James Shoegazer
  9. James Shoegazer
  10. James Shoegazer
  11. James Shoegazer
  12. James Shoegazer
  13. James Shoegazer
    Price heavily reduced to $300
  14. James Shoegazer
    sad bump lol, $300 only. any takers? I will extend my grace and discount more for keen buyers
  15. James Shoegazer

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