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FS: PPAv2 Headphone Amplifier (SOLD)

  1. Eokboy
    Here for sale is a PPAv2 Headphone Amplifier with Toshiba 2SC3422/2SA1359 output transistors. I chose these output devices based on Steinchen's write-up here: http://www.diamondstar.de/dDB_partslist.html (see Note 2: output transistors). So if you have listened to a PPAv2 (with default MJE243/253 transistors) before, mine would sound very different.
    OPA637BP on L/R channels with gain of 11 and OPA627AP on the ground channel.
    330uF Nichicon UPW x8
    Panasonic FM for L/R opamps, FC for ground opamp
    Staggered Vishay MKT1813 bypass caps
    Switchcraft RCA inputs
    Neutrik 1/4" outputs

    Included is a 24.8V TREAD regulated adaptor. If you live in a 240V country, I can change the input voltage for you.
    I always prefer a face-to-face deal + audition if you are anywhere near Minneapolis-St. Paul.
    $250 including lower 48 shipping. Will ship worldwide for extra.
    My PPAv2 (the one without tubes [​IMG]) at CanJam 2010:
  2. Eokboy
  3. echosf
    do you have a picture inside? thank you.
  4. Eokboy
    Pics added
  5. Eokboy
  6. Eokboy

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