FS: PPA 1.1 w/ Glassman diamond buffers and custom engraved panels
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Up for sale is my PPA baby. The case is a little beat up, has several scratches and marks. However, the panels are in near-mint condition, as I just had them done a couple months ago, while the case had been used for a different amp before this one and is more than a year old. I tapped the panel holes for 6/32 threads for the socket-head screws holding the panels on. There is one socket-head screw missing on the back panel, I will replace that before shipping it out. There is no bass boost installed at the moment.

The volume knob sticks out a bit from the case because I haven't cut short the Alps pot shaft yet. I can do this if you want. You may want to leave it long if you want to try out different volume knobs in the future.

I can adjust the gain to whatever you want before shipping.

I used this with an Elpac 24V wall-wart, see my listing for that in the Accessories For Sale forum here.

Here are the specs:
Glassman Diamond Buffers
Burr-Brown OPA637BP for L/R opamps, OPA627BP for ground
Extended Hammond enclosure
Custom panels from Front Panel Express
Alps Blue Velvet volume control
Neutrik 1/4" headphone jack
blue LED w/ holder
Cardas CTFA RCA input jacks
Cerafine electrolytic caps
silver plated copper wiring
1.9mA Class-A biasing for opamps
Socketed opamps, buffers, gain and bass boost resistors


$240 shipped via USPS Priority Mail w/ Delivery Confirmation. I only ship to the USA and only accept PayPal. Shipping insurance is at your cost.




Case pics: pic1, pic2, pic3.

My feedback: Head-Fi, eBay.

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