FS: Portable Rig
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Mar 8, 2004
Excellent condition iriver H340 w/USB, wall charger, and the latest (US) firmware. I also want to mention that the battery on this unit was recently swapped and only has about 20 hrs on it.

Corda Move excellent condition 9.5 rating cosmetically. The LED has, possibly, blown; but otherwise fully operational. I will include a pair of 9v rechargeable batteries and the charger, and a wall charger with selectable voltage from 1.5-12V

I am also throwing in the following accessories: Qables rubber bands x2, 3 mini-to-mini cables 1 of which is silver/copper braid w/Switchcraft plug, 1 pure copper with Nuetrik plug and the original Corda cable.

$360 shipped. Price is more than fair and is firm!

Serious buyers please PM for pic's and any questions.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.

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