FS:Portable DVDP Sony DVP-FX850 8-inch
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Jun 10, 2004
Selling my PDVDP Sony DVP-FX850.I bought it (new for 280 EUR from Germany) earlier this year but i don't use CDs anymore.I bought it to use it as a CD transport for a bedrig since it has a digital out (mini optical).I've tried many PDVDPs and most of them look tacky,are poorly build and generally feel and work shoddily but 850 is one of the exceptions:Its pretty,solidly build ,nicely finished and works smoothly.The screen has a 800x480 resolution,pretty impressive for such a small screen.I used it as a trasport connected to an iBasso D1 via Tosling and and the D1 driving MS1 and i was happy with this set up for “next to bed” CD listening.Its in perfect condition (no marks/nicks/scuffs of any kind on it) with bag,battery,remote and european 220V adapter.Asking for 130 EUR (Paypal) Price includes airmail shipping anywhere in Europe.PM with any questions.Thanks!

Oh,and i also don't smoke and don't have any kids or pets

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