[FS] Portable Amps: SM, SM3, TAH (3 batt.)
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Sep 8, 2004
I'm retracting the sale since I have to pack up soon.

I am now using a PRII and these portable amps have been left alone for a few weeks. I'm sure some of you will find better use of them.

Up for sale are three portable amps I own, the Xin Supermacro (Sold), Supermacro-3, and the 2003 version Headroom Total AirHead.

[Sold]Supermacro - Silver. Purchased in February 2005. Has four feature switches, Op-amp is soldered on, for the extra 2x BUF634. If I remember correctly, it has OPA227 which was the default at the time. Although SM3 is better, to my semi-trained ears the difference is not earth shattering. By the way, I preferred this amp to the Gilmore V2 (which I sold). [Sold]

Supermacro-3 - Silver. Four feature switches, socketed Op-amp. I don't keep track of version numbers but this is one of the earlier versions. (It was upgraded from the SM above, just a month or two after.) I had a lot of fun with this amp and I used it exclusively for quite some time. Included Op-amps OPA627, (OPA227 if I can still find them), some NE5534 and OBCA adapters. Asking for [cancelled] Shipped.

Total AirHead - Gray. Year 2003, three AAA batteries version. Nothing too fancy, but HeadRoom amps are solid performers. It should be a good entry point for someone wanting to try a portable amp. It has a crossfeed feature, and it works well - subtle but effective. Asking for [cancelled] Shipped.

Three amps are perfectly functional last time I checked. I'll mention any flaws I can think of: Cosmetically, SM and SM3's aluminum cases are fine, just not sparkling new. The battery contacts aren't very good, the power might go out if you swing it around or carry it on the road. I use them on the desk so I didn't looked into the problem much, you can perhaps find out what's wrong yourself. SM has a wobby volume knob. TAH has a plastic case and somewhat old looking. The battery lid doesn't close tightly, which bothers me a little.

Payment by PayPal please. Shipping from Boston. I don't plan on including power adapter or NiMH batteries but if you have none to use then we can discuss. Please PM me your offers. Thanks.

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