FS: Porta Corda II (EU preferred)
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Jan 16, 2004
Since I bought the Encore, I have no need for this little amp anymore. Aside from slight modification (explanation & pictures to follow), the condition is just about flawless, as I've only used it at home. I'm also the original owner. The amp has been in my possession for slightly over 15 months.

It has been biased to class A (reversible). Everything that's included is shown in the pictures. Make note that the mini to mini cable is the one that was sent to those who got their PC II from the group buy. I'm afraid I couldn't find the included belt clip. I know I stored it somewhere safe, so if you need it I'll keep looking harder.

As for the "mod": In order to use a 24VDC adapter without having to keep the battery compartment totally exposed to dust etc. , I made a small cut in it. It's not the last word in craftsmanship, since I made it with an exacto knife, a rough file and high grain sanding paper. A very, very small and fine (diamond) file would have helped, but I don't have one. Due to the size of the battery comparment, a straight plug is not useable, which explains why the cut is on the opposite side. Oh, and I added the crude sticker to the battery lid - it shows the polarity of the DC adapter (ground is chassis, positive is center, also shown in the manual).

Looking for 95€ (euros) shipped.

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