FS -Plussound Cable for JH 4 Pin IEM with Bass Tuner 2.5mm TRRS

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    For sale is a Plussound cable for JH 4 pin connector with bass tuning module. The wire is cryo silver gold alloy that gives you all of the audio benefits of silver, but with the flexibility and non-tarnishing properties of gold. The configuration is 4 wires, but the internal Litz bundles have been separated into 2 sets of internal wires (8 total) so you get the full benefit of the bass tuners but the lightweight of 4 wires. The termination is 2.5mm TRRS balanced.

    Measurements - 46 inches end to end, 12 inches - Y split to top of connectors.

    Extra Adapter - includes 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter (stock photo)

    Price is $349 inclusive of PP fees and CONUS shipping. International shipping is $10 more.

    61CGMN-FV1L._SL1500_ (1).jpg
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  2. bflat
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  4. bflat
  5. KimChee
    Can you comment on the sonic change with Theseus the stock cables?
  6. bflat
    Compared to first gen stock cables (not from Moon Audio) on my Laylas, the Plussound cable extends the sub bass and upper treble.
  7. bflat
    bump. Including a 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter

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