FS: Pioneer CH5T, Advanced M4, DUNU Alpha + over a dozen $10 IEMs

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by soundstige, Nov 9, 2017.
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  1. soundstige
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    Selling some extras I have that need better homes where they can be appreciated the way they deserve. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping in the USA.

    DUNU Alpha IEMs
    My price: $50 MSRP: $100
    Comes with original box and tips. Excellent condition, no issues.

    Advance M4 micro-driver IEMs
    My price: $25 MSRP $40
    Fantastic flat micro-dynamic. Comes with original box and accessories.

    Pioneer CH5T (red color)
    My price: $25 MSRP: $55
    Comes with original box and all accessories.

    Ultimate Ears UE600 (pre-logitech)
    My price: $25 MSRP: $69
    Classic, famed older single BA. Great clarity with punchy bass. One of the most ergonomic headphones I've ever used.

    Magaosi K3 Pro Triple Driver (gray silver)
    My price: $40 MSRP: $99
    Comes with original box and all accessories.


    Meelectronics X7 Plus Wireless Bluetooth IEMs
    My price: $40 MSRP: $100
    Comes with headphones and ear tips only. Uses standard micro-usb cable to charge for bluetooth functionality.

    Meelectronics P1 Pinnacle (original bronze version) SOLD
    My price: $100 MSRP: $199
    Comes with original box and tips and cable. Excellent condition, no issues. Serial number 45 if that is important to you, very low.

    Easy UE 'Custom' (universal) Detachable MMCX connector IEM
    My price: $25 MSRP: $46
    Comes with TWO cables. As pictured and described here:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/201...ure-In-Ear-Headset-With-MMCX/32574122812.html


    HiFiMan RE00 (black) SOLD!
    My price: $40 MSRP: $50
    Comes with assortment of tips.

    Meelectronics A151
    My price: $25 MSRP: $49
    Comes with earphones, tips, and hard case. No box.


    HiFiMan RE-300h
    My price: $20 MSRP: $35
    Comes with earphones and tips, no original packaging.


    Shozy x AAW Hibiki (black carbon fiber color)SOLD
    My price $40 MSRP: $60
    Comes with original box and all accessories.

    Westone W4 SOLD
    My price $120 MSRP: $399 (discontinued)
    One driver has a broken nozzle, might be repairable, but otherwise perfect for replacing missing driver or for reshelling.

    Custom Art Music One
    My price: $100 MSRP: $249 (custom IEM)
    Perfect working condition, will need to be reshelled to your ear mold to enjoy fully.


    Sony XBA-H1 Hybrid (dynamic + BA driver) IEMs SOLD!
    My price: $30 MSRP: $100
    Comes with headphones and ear tips only.

    And if that weren't enough, I also have a TOTALLY INSANE $10 SPECIAL on a bunch of other IEMs I don't use. All of the following come with only the IEMs themselves and some tips. All of the following have a flat rate of $5 shipping no matter how many you buy. It's just me trying to pair down my awesome collection. These IEMs are as follows:
    • KZ ATE
    • KZ HDS1
    • KZ HDS2
    • Ultimate Ears UE350 (silver/black)
    • Samsung Dual Dynamic Driver OEM phone in-ear
    • Sony XBA1
    • Baldoor / Mrice / Granvela E100 earbuds
    • LetV 13mm Driver In-Ear headphones (white)
    • JBMMJ MJ8600 dynamic In-Ear headphones (copper)
    • Wooeasy IE800 clone
    • Venture Electronics (VE) Monk earbuds
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  2. soundstige
  3. Aviw
    Pm sent.
  4. kirkftl
    I'll take the Hibiki. PM me when ever you are available!
  5. rantng
    Magaosi K3. Pro or HD version?
  6. soundstige
    Pro version, thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  7. soundstige
  8. Kamuy_9
    Magaosi K3 still avail?
  9. soundstige
    Yes, all items not grayed out are still available :)
  10. soundstige
  11. soundstige
    Added a couple IEMs!
  12. wolfmobil
    Great choice
  13. aussietanker
    You have a pm. I am interested in the REO's, the Ultimate Ears UE350 and the pistons. Do you know the cost of the reshell (and who will do it) for the custom Art?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  14. Kamuy_9
    Dunu titan 1?
  15. aussietanker
    You have a pm
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