FS: Pinkfloyd X-Feed (standalone crossfeed box)
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David Mitchell

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Mar 17, 2003
I've decided to let go of my PinkFloyd-built crossfeed circuit. I think it's the MkIII version—no switch, unfortunately, and no attached interconnects, which could be good or bad.

The X-Feed was intended to be neutral to the frequency response, as I recall. The Headroom crossfeed circuit that I had experienced in the (original) Airhead was definitely not neutral; presumably the X-Feed adds some coloration, but it didn't bother me. Now I'm using the crossfeed in my Headfive, which is switchable for the times when I want to use Dolby Headphone processing.


The case is rough aluminum—if it's scratched, I can't tell!

I would like $45, including shipping (in the contiguous U.S.), paid via PayPal. I have one feedback post here, more on eBay.

By the way, I am also selling a Dynalo amplifier here on Head-Fi.

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