FS: Pico with DAC
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Nov 27, 2004


This is a beautiful copper color Pico with dac that I bought from a headfier in this thread about a month ago. You can see in that thread that Justin replaced the battery and headphone jack, checked it over thoroughly and it's working great.

The condition is good. I don't want to say great because a picky person might find some wear, so just assume it has scraps and scuffs and be pleasantly surprised if/when it doesn't. But take a look at the picture in the thread link above.

On the sound, I don't need to say anything. I was skeptical that this could live up to the hype but it certainly does - a really amazing piece (and much smaller than I thought it would be).

CONUS only and paypal only.

I paid $515 and since I'm looking for a quick sale, I'll sell it paypalled and shipped for $OLD

I'm also selling an older RS-2 that I used with this and made a beautiful little rig.

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