FS: parts from AMD athlon comp, cpu, gf6800agp, ddr400 ram, hd, mobo
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Headphoneus Supremus
Apr 24, 2003
i am ordering parts to build a new computer tomorrow. and by the weekend i should finish building it and if all work well all these items below are for sale.
i been using the parts for relatively a year, but they are in good condition and not defected. my computer have 7 fans so the parts also stay cool. this is the the computer i'm pulling the parts from.

apollo geforce 6800 agp (16pipelines, 6 vertex units!) 325/600 128mb agp8x - $110 SALE PENDING
first you have to know it cost more to get the agp version than the pci-e. i bought this for $200 like 3monhts ago. this card look exactly like the 6800 ultra version, it have the same fans, which is loud on full load, but slow down to 53% power after you install the nvidia driver. but if you use RivaTuner you can slow down its speed to make it quieter. it also have unlocked 16pipes by manufacturer setting, instead of only 12, so thats a plus in performace (no artifacts). its a large card so it take over one pci slot under it. it have a good oc'ing potential too if you have the necesary cooling.

All items below withdrawned!

2 x 512mb corsair value select w/ copper ramsink PC3200 (400mhz) - $45
these can run 6-3-3-2.5 at stock speed no problem. asking $45 because of the copper ramsink.

AMD Athlon XP2800+ (w/ hsf) retail w/ original box

rosewill RV450 450watt 20pins psu
its not popular brand but this psu is great. i can run 6x80mm fans, 1x120mm fan, 3hd, 1 dvd burner, video card, 2xpci cards, cathode & led light with no problem. i have to admit i opened it up and take out the two normal fans and replace it with blue led fans. but that is the only change and i have some experience with soldering so you can rest assure its working as normal.

WD 40gb 7200rpm ata100
absolutely no problem, quiet harddrive

abit nf7s2 mobo
nforce2 chipset, sata, 3 x ddr slot w/ dual channel support, raid 0+1
i have the original cd that you really need which have the driver for the integrated ethernet card, the nforce2 5.10 driver do not have it. unfortunately thats all i can incldue, along with the original metal plate thing and the free sata cables, usb2 pci slot, maybe throw in a nice ata133 IDE cable. i dont have the manual anymore, i can see if i could find it. but you can download it online and print it out.

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