FS or Trade: AAW W900 Universal

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  1. DrummerLeo
    For Sale or Trade
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    •   United States
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    In great condition, just received from another member this week, used for about two days.
    Reason for sale: sounds similar to my Rhines Stage 7, I mean not the same but in the similar genre, and my stage 7 is a custom, so I decided to sell w900 or trade for other IEMs in the same price range, like JH Layla, UM mentor V3, Noble Encore, I can add some cash trade for UM mason V3 as well.
    I will also consider trade for Dana Cable for Utopia, or high end 2 pin iem cables.
    Price for sale: $950 including US shipping and pp fees. For international buyers, I will cover $20 shipping and you pay the rest if any.


    I also have a LPG(2017), Opus #2, a Plenue 2 for sale as well, let me know if you are interested.
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  2. DrummerLeo
    Pictures updated
  3. chicken beer
    这塞子看着很毒啊!good luck with selling!
  4. DrummerLeo
    哈哈,Thanks bro!!!
  5. fzman Contributor
    Any interest in a swap for my Westone W80s, Oriolus Mk2, UM Merlin V2 or Fidue A91?
  6. DrummerLeo
    Not very interested, thanks tho!
  7. fzman Contributor
    Thanks for lwttingme know. I have a few playets to sell as well, and way too many cans and items also.
  8. ElecHires
    Any interest in a iBasso DX200 ?
  9. DrummerLeo
    Thanks for the offer, but I have too many players now, I'm selling them too.
  10. DrummerLeo

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