FS: Omega II sr-007,and ATH-L3000, Kgss, melos sha-1, sr-71, interconnects +MORE*****
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May 4, 2005
I only have my ATH-L3000 left for SOLD

Up Date: the Emmeline sr-71 amp is back up for sold

So am i done with my headphone hobby? Absolutely not. I’m selling all my gear to help fund pair of he90, which i still need to find. (please pm if you can help me get a pair)

First things first. I don’t smoke and do not have any pets. I will ship all things world wide and have stellar feedback here, and ebay. I would also like to add that i anal when it comes to keeping everything clean and taking Excellent care of all my gear. I take a shower 1-2 times a day and do not let ANY of my friends listen to my stuff. I also cover all my headphones when not in use. I do not use any hair products in my hair either (no wax, no moose, no hairspray, etc..) The only other person who has listened to my gear is my girlfriend, who also doesn’t use any products in her hair. I also dust all my amps and other gear a few times a week. I have a air sanitizer and ionic breeze to keep dust and other particles clean.

(I know I am getting very detailed about how I treated my gear, but i like to know these things too before i spend thousands of dollars.)

Any way here is what’s for sale:

1.Ath-L3000 model #296 (NO DEFECT) This can is just simply Gorgeous and sounds better than it looks! You got to hear it to believe it. This headphone provides some of the most emotional fidelity. IT is also very easy to drive this headphone. (It sounds FANTASTIC out of my sr-71). Nothing better than the nice warm and detailed sound of this true beauty. This headphone oozes with build quality which includes Silk wrapped cord, Conolly leather, and lamb skin ear pads. Comes with cord pouch, sued headphone pouch, box, and warranty card with the Manuel and all other original papers for it. This headphone even still has the original smell to it! (has a great leather smell to it) No scarches, no blismishes, no defects. Grab this rare headphone now while you can! The value has increased in less than a year buy 20%!

2.Omega II sr-007 model #71498. This headphone just slaps me in the face with realism. It really is breathtaking. This electrostat will really get your feet tapping. The transparency Is just astonishing on the headphone with the greatest decay in notes. It was mind boggling for me. This headphone comes with a rare two year warranty in the united states so you don’t need to ship the can off to Japan for repair. (It has about one year on it) Also comes with the flight case for it and the original box which i will double box to keep the omega box in good condition, along with all other original papers for it. No defects cosmetically, or sonically on this can either.

3. Melos SHA-1 up for sale. This tube amp has NOS 6922's tubes that were matched with eachother. I have the original box's for these tubes. This amp was tuned up less than a year. Runs beautifully with black background. Some have had buzzing and ringing in them, but this one is does not. It has Very clean, warm sound. This amp was originally designed for the Grado hp-series so it does a Superb. Job driving all headphones. IF your looking for warm sound with a great punch in the bass department this amp if for you! This amp can be considered one of the best value tube amps that delivers fidelity equal to 1k+ tube amps. This amp is hard to come buy and has gained value since I have had it. Take this amp and you can be sure if you hold on to it you will be able to sell it for more. (Great investment!)

4. Gilmore Electrostatic headphone Amplifier (KGSS) with true balanced volume adjusting along with xlr inputs. Has rca too and a separate power cable (generic). This amp truly show’s what the stax sr-404s were made of and really allowed the Omegas to shine! These headphones really sound like they came out of their shell compared to the stax amps. I’m the first owner and originally paid over $1,500.00. Not to mention that it takes around 4 months to complete.

5.Benchmark dac-1 Comes with original box and manual, with extra fuses and bolts. This is the new version of the dac1. This is the most analytical dac i have heard i really made an impressive job in delivering the music. Simply awesome with speed and dynamics. Has a fast, snappy, deep bass that is well textured. What more can I ask for? No scratches on this either.

6. I have a Black Mountain Cable with XLR neurik ic's. (they are gold bmc pinnacle’s.) I used these threw my kgss and omega's and to honest i can hear the sound was more opend up and cleaner and warmer than the zu oxyfuel ic's. This cables outperformed some other other 150+ ic's that i heard in my opinion. (such as audioquest) They are 1 meter length.

7. Zu oxyfuel ic's. - these are great entry level ic's that deliver the music and nothing but the music.

8, 9, and 10 I have a grado adapter from 1/4 to 1/8th plug. I also have a grado Extension cable that keeps a good job in not degrading sound. I originally paid $43.00 for it and $24 for the adapter. I also have a cardas mini to mini cable. I paid 22 for it.

11. Rio Karma - this his 20 gigs worth of music and can be deleted upon request. Includes dock, charger, usb cable, and the soft wear for it. Now i would like to mention that i went threw TREE rio karmas because they were either defective, or had that bug it it, or just kept freezing. I am happy to say this one is awesome with now bugs, glitches, or defects. However, I removed the red scroll thing in the upper right hand corner because it kept changing the song on me and does not effect the rio in any way other than you cant scroll using that scroller, but instead using the button.

12. Emmeline Sr-71 (Dual mono, and high resolution) This little sucker did an AwESoMe job in driving all my headphones including, grado hp-2, grado rs-2, and even the L3000. Brings better depth in the music and greater detail and pitch-black background. All the lettering on this is fully intact.

****Prices / Breakdown ****

ATH-L3000:: pending shipping:15.00
Omega II:: SOLD shipping:15.00
Melos Sha-1:: SOLD Shipping: 20.00
Gilmore Kgss:: - SOLD shipping: 20.00
Benchmark DAC1:: SOLD Shipping: 15.00
BMC xlr ic's:: SOLD shipping: 5
Zu Oxyfuel rca ic's::SOLD shipping 5
Cardas mini to mini:: SOLD shipping 5
grado extension cable::SOLD shipping 5
Grado adapter:: SOLD shipping 5
Rio Karma:: 140 shipping 7
Emmeline sr-71:: SOLD shipping 7 *(US DOLLARS)

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Grab'em while you can!

* I will ship world wide. For people outside the U.S Add $13.00 to shipping costs. I accept: Money order, personal check, and paypal. (Add 3% for paypal fees) I can also accept local pick up. (Santa Barbara, California)

Please note: All comments are subject to my opinion and please refrain from rude comments.Please be considerate with all my opinions and comments. Also please do not discuss in this forum. You can contact me via email: surfboardz26@yahoo.com or pm me. IF you would like for faster replies you can try me on AIM: surfboardz26 I will try to be online as much as possible. THANKS




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