FS: Omega Grande Six speakers
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Dr. Wood
Sep 4, 2005
I'm thinking of trying some ribbons, so these are up for sale. They are in flawless condition, and they have genuine Macassar Ebony cabinets. I have the original box and Styrofoam packing, so these will be quite safe to ship.

These are of coarse single driver Fostex based speakers that can play quite loud and quite beautifully with just a few watts. My β22 does a beautiful job of driving these, as does my Consonance A120 integrated, but they can reach their full potential with just a few watts from a tube amp as well. The guys at Omega rave about these driven with a T-amp!

These are incredible speakers. There is nothing quite like a single driver for lush beautiful vocal reproduction. The fact that they happen to be gorgeous too is just icing on the cake.

And I do have the magnetic cloth grills that are included.

I'm looking for $565.00 shipped in the CONUS.


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