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[FS] NuForce REF 9 V3SE class D mono amplifiers

Discussion in 'Amplification For Sale / Trade' started by 00lunar, Dec 4, 2015.
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  1. 00lunar
    For Sale
    Hi there,
    It's high time for me to move to another tubed class AB amplification, hence for sale goes this lovely set of two NuForce REF 9 V3SE mono speaker amplifiers.
    I had a blast with those puppies for about two years, those are in pristine condition, I'm the first owner. This two piece set was used at home, on the same shelf all the time. It bears no scratches or any other things like that, it's really in very good shape.
    As for sound, NuForce REF 9 V3SE is typical well made class D switching amp; fast, detailed, quite neutral but with fantastic low end, and with proper texturing which in the end makes the sound really lifelike when mathed with tube based preamplification stage or DAC.
    Set of brand new two units ran for about 4'800 Euros or so. Hence the asking price is fair and final.
    Ref 9 V3SE is the last and maxed out stage of Ref 9 family, with redone output stage, Eichmann terminals and new case. My set isn't modded V1 or V2, but V3SE built from scratch by NuForce guys.
    This listing includes original boxes of course.
    PayPal fees and shipping cost is on you.
    Have a nice one,
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