[FS] NOS Amperex BugleBoy 7316 (12AU7/ECC82) 1959 Holland
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May 17, 2008
I have won a pair of NOS Amperex BugleBoy 7316 off eBay and intend to share one (1) of the tubes off and I only need a singke tube for my Raptor.

NOS/NIB Amperex Bugle Boy 7316 with 14mm short gray plates and large O getter. Production codes are Ct1 Delta9C, March 1959, Heerlen Holland and Ct1Delta9D, April 1959, Heerlen Holland

All tubes are tested by seller on a Eico tube tester for leakage and % of transconductance. On this tester 60% is replace and 100% is usually the standard for a new tube. Readings are 101/95 and 103/100

Test good, meeting spec for a new tube. Logos print and boxes are all perfect condition.

Asking price US$70, PayPal + 3% and shipping from Malaysia to Worldwide plus US$25


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