FS: Noble X + LinumBax Upgrade Cable ($180 shipped)

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  1. Drunkenmunkey
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    Hey all,

    Up for sale is my Noble X and LinumBax cable. All original accessories are included with the exception of the original cable. Price of $200 includes shipping and PayPal fees for the cable and IEMs themselves.

    Both myself and the previous owner have taken wonderful care of them,.

    Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/QtQDNyR

    Cable Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/S2Q4EOs

    Drop a PM or post below if you're interested.
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  2. Drunkenmunkey
    Price drop to $215 shipped and paypal fees included.
  3. Drunkenmunkey
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  4. mamouth82
    Hi, would you sell the Superbax alone by any chance?
  5. Drunkenmunkey
    Please PM! It is still in like new condition. Take asking price of 216 euros into consideration when you PM.
  6. Drunkenmunkey
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  7. Drunkenmunkey
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  8. Drunkenmunkey
    PRICE DROP TO $200 shipped.

    Both sales for IEM and cable have fallen through. I would like to get this moved as a soon as possible. PM if you're slightly interested!
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  9. buonassi
    Cable alone worth 100usd used I'd say! Dang...

    Edit: ok now I see .You want 200 for the iem and 130 for the cable. So 330 for both?
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  10. Drunkenmunkey
    Whoops sorry for the confusion, no I want 200 all in! That's why I'm so suprised it hasn't sold yet.
  11. PopGenie
    Hmmm, I think the cable is just Bax not SuperBax. It is good price for both tho. GLWS:beyersmile:
  12. Drunkenmunkey
    Did a little research on the variants and I think you're right. During the trade the seller mentioned it as a superbax so that's what I thought it was. Will update description accordingly.
  13. Drunkenmunkey
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