FS: New Firestone FireyeII $90
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Sep 20, 2009
I've decided to relinquish my Fireye II in light of the fact that I'm suddenly swimming in USB DAC/Amps and this one is not great for use with IEMs. I'm trying to fund the purchase of a new portable amp.

This amp is NOT battery powered but it is ideal for someone just starting out wanting a nice DAC/amp combo. It sounds really lovely especially for the price, just not going to work for what I had planned to use it for.

I've had it a couple days but only put about 3 hours on it. Comes with original box, all accessories (pouch, cable, etc). I figured I'd try to sell it here before returning it to Canada under my return policy.

$90 shipped and paypal-ed CONUS. If it's not sold in a week it'll get sent back as a return. Will consider international shipping for an added fee.


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